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Pilates classes are held in the sanatorium "Belorusija".

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Pilates is a system of exercises for the whole body that tightens muscles, develops their mobility, joint flexibility and helps restore muscle balance, strengthening the whole body.

As we age, our body becomes less and less obedient. Joints get used to sedentary work and lose mobility, which leads to obesity, muscular atrophy, spinal disease, unbalanced development of the musculoskeletal system.

And the Pilates system helps to improve and better understand your body, your muscles: how to ensure the stabilization of the spine and joints, to form a beautiful posture, to acquire the ability not only to strain, but also to relax the muscles. It leads to the harmonization of the psyche, the ability to respond correctly to stress and avoid their negative influence.

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Today Pilates is one of the most popular fitness destinations in the world.

Pilates is a sport for everyone. Everyone can do Pilates in the sanatorium "Belorusija", regardless of age and gender. The main thing in performing Pilates exercises is concentration of attention and accurate, correct execution of movements, paying attention to breathing. You need to breathe with your stomach, and direct the air when breathing to the lower back.

The benefits of Pilates classes in the sanatorium "Belorusija" are huge and combined with other types of wellness and therapeutic procedures, namely: swimming in a mineral pool, aqua aerobics, Nordic walking. A visit to a therapeutic pool, various types of massage, which contribute to the overall improvement of the body, improve posture, lose excess weight, strengthen the muscles of the lower back, pelvis and abs, reduce pain in the spine.

Doing Pilates, you will not harm yourself and will not be injured, this is the safest way to tighten the body, thanks to the gentle impact and smooth movements.

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Doctors of the sanatorium "Belorusija" (physiotherapists, rehabilitologists) recommend this system as a rehabilitation program, including those who have suffered spinal injuries. Pilates exercises are especially necessary for women, because they can significantly strengthen the muscles of the lower back, which is essential in the prenatal and postpartum period.

Pilates develops coordination, improves flexibility, teaches you to move beautifully and gracefully. Pilates classes are useful for people of any age and gender, anyone who wants to look good and be in great shape. Pilates exercises are very multifaceted, and involve a large number of muscles at the same time, requiring proper technique, and the number of repetitions can be minimal. Movements in Pilates gently stretch the muscles, making them longer and slimmer.

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The Pilates system "works" with your body in a complex way and increases muscle tone, makes your movements so plastic, you do not need to swing your back separately, press separately, legs separately, you train the whole body at once.

Pilates relieves back pain

Heals spinal injuries

Pilates fights osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

Pilates fights the effects of knee and shoulder injuries

Pilates fights headaches, as well as the effects of stress

In the sanatorium "Belorusija" you are always welcome!

The procedure is carried out in the sanatorium, appointment by phone: +371 66 014 117


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