Weight Correction and Eating Behavior Program 


Course of treatment: from 7 days


The program includes:

  • Accommodation in the room of the selected category

  • 24 - hour medical surveillance

  • Three meals a day (if necessary - dietary therapy)

      -breakfast buffet

      - lunch / dinner - "on a custom menu"      

       -breakfast on the day of arrival


  • doctor on the day arrival

  • scheduled doctor’s appointment every 4 days or if necessary

  • consultation with a nutritionist 3 times a week

  • psychological consultation 2 times a week

  • master class from the chef and nutritionist


  • analysis of body weight at admission and discharge

  • blood test (ALAT, Creatine, Glucose, Total Cholesterol, TLC, Vitamin D)

  • Analysis of urine

  • ECG

Medical procedures (according to indications):

    drinking treatment procedures:

  • herbal tea

  • mineral water

  • freshly squeezed juice “Slender Figure” daily


    procedures -  7 daily:

  • swimming pool with mineral water with saunas (sauna / turkish bath / infrared sauna) daily

  • therapeutic gymnastics in the gym or yoga or pilates - in small groups every other day 

  • therapeutic gymnastics in the pool or aqua aerobics - in small groups every other day

  • acupuncture (to acupuncture points for weight loss) 3 times a week

  • carboxytherapy into acupuncture points 1 time a week

  • pearl bath Cleopatra with fig extract every other day

  • underwater hydromassage or Sharko shower every other day

  • full body modeling massage (manual 6 units/60 minutes) every other day

  • general coffee wrapping body with salt every other day

  • nordic walking - group training with an instructor every other day

  • meditation 4 times a week

  • music therapy daily

  • lymphatic drainage apparatus (stomach + legs) every other day


Jelena Keņeva
Yoga instructor

Vitalijs Zaika

Margarita Levshina
Nutrition Specialist

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The diet menu of the program is not intended for people with kidney disease, high uric acid (gout), vegans and vegetarians (with the exception of vegetarians who consume fish, eggs and dairy products).

Weight and eating behavior correction program "Health restarts" (recommended course - 7-14 days)

Program objectives:

It has long been a well-known fact that it is possible to lose weight on any diet, but, as scientific data show, more than 95% of people cannot keep weight and gain it back. Why is that? On any hunger diet, you will rapidly lose weight, and then what? After completing the diet, you return to your old eating habits, respectively, return back to the original weight and get the yo-yo effect (diet --> weight loss --> weight gain --> diet... and so on in circles).


We suggest you to reduce weight by another method that is more effective and long-term. During the program, you will be able to master new skills of eating behavior, which - after completing our program - you can easily integrate into your daily life. At the same time, weight loss will be smooth, without breakdowns and tension. By changing your habits, in the future you will be able to achieve the desired result in weight loss on your own, as well as maintain it on a long-term basis.


In our sanatorium you will immerse yourself in an isolated environment, free from everyday problems and obligations, where everything will focus on the formation of new practical skills that will teach you how to manage your weight. Changing habits will save you from exhausting diets and thoughts about food forever. You will master new theoretical and practical complex skills in changing food and psychological behavioral habits.


We all know what to do, but for some reason we just don't do it. Did you know that it is not knowledge, but only actions that change our behavior?! Therefore, by practicing new habits in our sanatorium, you will easily introduce them into your daily life, which will serve as the basis for further independent weight and stress condition management.


Over the course of the program, you will not only master new skills, but will also start a smooth weight loss without sudden jumps, because rapid weight loss and an unbalanced diet has a negative impact on health (decreased metabolism, immunity, muscle mass, energy, risks of gallstones and gout, depressive well-being, sagging skin, etc.). A scientifically based healthy weight loss without a negative impact on health is 0.5-1 kg per week.

    During the program, you will also:

  • learn to understand, plan and shape your diet to reduce and maintain weight,

  • master the skills in appetite management,

  • learn practical skills with a chef to prepare simple, quick and healthy dishes,

  • reduce stress and improve emotional state

  • increase your self-esteem and motivation,

  • learn to hear your body,

  • make friends (and maybe love physical activity),

  • improve your well-being, health and metabolism. When you enter our sanatorium, you will visit an internist who will assess your state of health and appoint a visit to the necessary specialists, as well as stimulating and relaxing procedures.

Completion of the program from 7 days. In one week you will master the basic skills. The full completion of the program is 2 weeks. During this time, you will master, work out and consolidate the basic theoretical and practical skills that are necessary to change your lifestyle.


Therefore, if you are tired of exhausting diets, and you are ready to deal with your eating behavior once and for all, then our sanatorium team will be happy to help you with this, using a comprehensive and more effective approach to solve your problem.

Nutrition Specialist

Margarita Levshina


You must have with you: a swimsuit / swimming trunks, a hat, slippers for the pool, comfortable clothes and shoes, a face shield, personal hygiene products.

For Salt therapy it is necessary to purchase a kit salt room (4,00 EUR), the kit can be purchased at the registry at office.

* Specific procedures are prescribed only by the doctor of the sanatorium, only during the consultation, for each client individually, in accordance with the diagnosis, indications and contraindications.

* The list of procedures is compiled according to the recommendations of the attending physician and can be

top up for an additional fee according to the price list.

*Unused treatments are not replaced or compensated !

Parking on the territory of the sanatorium 5.00 EUR per day.

Check-in at the sanatorium from 14:00, check-out until 12:00.

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