Convenient location of the sanatorium

If you are tired of the city rhythm, you do not have to go to the end of the world: it‘s enough to spend a few days filled with harmony and relaxation in the sanatorium Belorusija, located in the beautiful city of Jurmala, where you can choose one of the weekend SPA programs or take a longer treatment and wellness program.


Jurmala’s therapeutic climate

Enjoy the long-awaited sun while walking on the white sands of the beach. Breathe in the vitamin-rich and ozone-rich air.


Medical complex

The sanatorium “Belorusija” has a wide range of high-level medical services with over 75 years of experience.

VIP package

If you think that the number of procedures is not enough, then the sanatorium Belorusija provides an opportunity to choose a program with an extended number of procedures.


Each program developed by our specialists includes a visit to the pool with mineral water.


In the wide range of medical procedures used in the sanatorium Belorusija, mud treatment deserves your special attention. Unique therapeutic mud is extracted from the deposits that are located just 30 kilometers from the sanatorium.


Sanatorium Belorusija offers a variety of full-fledged and dietary meals. The menu includes dishes, soups, snacks and pastries and health drinks prepared for you by our chefs, according to recipes of Latvian, Belarusian or European cuisine. The diet is selected by a nutrition specialist for each of our guests, based on their diagnosis.


In the summer, the holiday program is as full-packed as possible. It offers bike rental, hiking excursions, active walking on health trails and much more, as well as the opportunity to plunge into the charming and original resort atmosphere of Jurmala.


Your recreation in the sanatorium Belorusija will be a pleasure for you throughout any season of the year, and you can be sure that here you will find a high quality of services provided.

You can find out about the availability of seats by phone: +371 66014111.

The entrance
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