4 treatments daily:

  • Therapeutic gymnastics - in small groups every other day (30 min.)

  • Therapeutic gymnastics in the pool every other day

  • Halotherapy or inhalation daily

  • Apparatus physical therapy daily

  • One of the types of massage (manual massage 1.5 units) every other day

  • Therapeutic bath or shower every other day


 "Pulse of life" program 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Course of treatment from 6 days


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Everyday hassles, lots of errands and worries - we want so much to participate in everything, to be aware of events, to help children, to babysit grandchildren. So we want to live our lives to the fullest, be cheerful, do favorite things, never mind the age. This treatment program provides an opportunity to strengthen blood vessels, cope with coronary heart disease, hypertensive disease, chronic rheumatic diseases in the remission stage.

The program includes:

  • 24 - hour medical surveillance

  • Accommodation in the room of the selected category

  • Three meals a day:

       breakfast “buffet”

       lunch/dinner- “on a customized menu”


  • Doctor on the day arrival

  • Scheduled doctor's appointment every 4 days and as necessary

Medical treatments (according to indications):

  • Phytotherapy

  • Nordic walking

    Swimming pool with mineral water with saunas daily (1 h. 30 min.)

    Unlimited use of the buvette of mineral water


”Pulse of Life”

Medical treatments (according to indications):

Additionally to the basic program:


  • Consultation of a cardiologist; 

  • ECG or ECG halter; 

  • Lymphatic drainage every other day;

  • Dry carbon dioxide bath every other day;

  • Paraffin socks (gloves) or mud socks (gloves) every other day

  • Oxygen cocktail based on healing tea daily;

  • Bathrobe, slippers

  • Late check-out until 15:00


You must have with you: a swimsuit / swimming trunks, a hat, slippers for the pool, comfortable clothes and shoes, a face shield, personal hygiene products.

For Salt therapy it is necessary to purchase a kit salt room (4,00 EUR), the kit can be purchased at the registry at office.

* Specific procedures are prescribed only by the doctor of the sanatorium, only during the consultation, for each client individually, in accordance with the diagnosis, indications and contraindications.

* The list of procedures is compiled according to the recommendations of the attending physician and can be

top up for an additional fee according to the price list.

*Unused treatments are not replaced or compensated !

Parking on the territory of the sanatorium 5.00 EUR per day.

Check-in at the sanatorium from 14:00, check-out until 12:00.