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Treatment & Rehabilitation
Treatment & Rehabilitation

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Jurmala ...

The famous Latvian Riviera, known for its natural resources - temperate climate, sea, age-old pines, clean air, curative mud and mineral waters. A unique place for recuperation, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of various diseases. It is here, in Jurmala, just 200 meters from the sea that the health resort "Belorusia" is located.

Since 2015, the sanatorium has been working hard to improve the number of rooms. At the moment, the sanatorium has completely renovated rooms on 6 stage of the main building. The rooms meet all the comfort requirements. New design of rooms, new furniture and appliances - all this is conducive to a comfortable pastime.

Also, our renovated restaurant has opened its doors for our guests. A large, bright and spacious hall with new furniture and an interesting design solution pleases the eye and invites you to spend time comfortably at the table.

Another innovation in the sanatorium - now we offer a breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner are still offered à la carte. A varied menu and delicious dishes every day make your stay in our sanatorium especially pleasant.

The main feature of the sanatorium is its unique medical base. Our health resort has modern technologies of spa medicine, diagnostics and treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, wellness programs and a full range of services for the most pleasant and useful rest.

The main pride of our health resort is a 25-meter pool with mineral water.

In the central building there is a pump room with curative mineral water, directly from the bowels of the earth.

Another highlight of our sanatorium is the salt room. The healing properties of the air of salt caves, saturated with minerals, have been known since ancient times. We have created such a salt cave for you in our sanatorium.
We also offer water treatments, peat mud applications, paraffin wraps, dry classic and hydro massage, lymphatic drainage, modern physical therapy rooms, full functional examination, dentist and other specialist services.

Daily walks along the seashore, oxygen mousses and cocktails, fresh juices and herbal teas will help to strengthen the effect of the treatment.

Our health resort invites you to relax with health benefits on the Baltic coast. The mild climate, the healing sea air, the magnificent nature of Jurmala, peace and quiet will be with you during your rest or rehabilitation.
Our wellness programs will help you improve your health. The programs of spa treatment of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and developed by our specialists are at your service all year round. Individual programs for general health improvement and body shaping are our exclusive offer for those who want to relax with health benefits. Attentive staff, modern equipment and a pleasant atmosphere will help you relax, have a good rest and return home full of strength and health.

Welcome to the sanatorium "Belorusia"!

The sanatorium "Belorusia" in Jurmala specializes in the rehabilitation treatment of patients with various diseases.
Our service package consists of programs developed by professionals. In our programs, we use various methods of treatment, including non-traditional ones.

In addition to spa treatment, our health resort offers outpatient treatment. We employ highly professional specialists, attentive  doctors, they will always help in solving large and small health problems.

We are always waiting for you!

Climatic characteristics and therapeutic factors of the Jurmala resort determine the main indications for the treatment of diseases and disorders:


  • Cardiologic

  • Neurological

  • Pulmonary

  • Endocrinological

  • Musculoskeletal system disorders

  • Rehabilitation of children

- Сirculatory systems;
- The musculoskeletal system and connective tissues;
- Respiratory organs;
- The nervous system;
- Endocrine system and metabolism;

The sanatorium "Belorusia" has licenses (certificates) for the right to carry out medical activities:
- Certificate for a rehabilitation hospital dated November 7, 2005 No. R-60;
- Certificate for outpatient activities dated November 7, 2005 No. A-1895;
- A certificate for a dental office dated April 26, 2004 No. Z-530;
- Registration certificate for the right to operate the food block dated November 25, 2005 No. 015236 АА 032192.

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