Dear guests! We invite you to a consultation with an endocrinologist.


Hormone metabolism is a mechanism that supports the normal functioning of the entire body. The functioning of bone and lipid tissue and of the cardiovascular system depends on it, it’s responsible for mental development and other important factors.

The consultation with an endocrinologist will help you to assess the scale of the possible problem and to identify all the disorders of the endocrine system at an early stage. In case the endocrine disease has been already established, it is necessary to visit a specialist every six months in order to monitor the treatment.

Consultation with an endocrinologist is recommended for:

  • diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases;

  • diagnosis and treatment of carbohydrate metabolism disorders;

  • assignment and interpretation of laboratory tests;

  • diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Indications for visiting an endocrinologist:

  • unreasonable weight gain or loss;

  • constant thirst and / or increased appetite;

  • profuse and frequent urination;

  • dry skin, deterioration of hair and nails;

  • hair loss on the head;

  • excess body hair growth;

  • obesity;

  • increased fatigue, weakness, drowsiness;

  • a lump in the throat, a feeling of squeezing in the front of the neck;

  • enlargement of the mammary glands in men;

  • irritability, nervousness, frequent mood swings;

  • violation of reproductive function;

  • frequent bone fractures.

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