The main mission of a rehabilitation specialist is to restore as completely as possible the functions of the body that have been disrupted as a result of an injury or a disease. The goal of rehabilitation is not only to return to a full course of life, but also to prevent the appearance of such problems in the future.

Recovery after injuries and operations includes a full range of measures necessary for each specific case. It is the only opportunity for the patient to fully recover and forget the injuries that he or she suffered.

Professionally performed surgical intervention is the main condition for starting recovery. But without rehabilitation, the final results may not be as expected – the consequences of injuries are usually felt for a very long time. For a full restoration of lost bodily functions, qualified rehabilitation assistance is necessary in many cases in addition to conservative treatment and surgery.

The most common indications for the course of rehabilitation after injuries are:

  • regeneration of the muscles in their hypotrophy and atrophy, restoration of the former strength and vigor;

  • improved blood supply and circulation in the injured area;

  • improvement of organ and bone tissue tropism;

  • improved regeneration of cartilage and other tissues;

  • relief from pain and swelling;

  • increased mobility for adhesions and scars;

  • restoration of motor activity and the volume of joint movements after injuries, fractures, immobility and operations.

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