A psychologist's consultation is available in our sanatorium!


The main topics of an appeal to the psychologist:

  • Fear, depressive state.

  • Severe crises, injuries, grief.

  • Communication problems, conflicts.

  • Family and child counseling.

  • Psychological diagnostics.

  • Career guidance.

  • Work with bodily diseases.

A psychologist helps a person:

  • To understand inner reality and structure experience.

  • Find ways out of conflicts, solve problems and achieve goals.

  • Discover one’s potential.

  • Gain inner strength.

  • Build relationships with others.

  • Save one’s time, resources, and health.

A psychologist provides assistance in the form of one-time psychological consultation.

The procedure is carried out in the sanatorium, appointment by phone: +371 66 014 117


The consultation of a psychologist is aimed at solving various kinds of difficulties in one’s life. Anxiety, bad mood, irritability, sometimes incomprehensible fear, depression – everyone knows what it is.

These feelings are associated with some reasons that can not be always solved independently. In these cases, one may need the help of a psychologist.

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