В санатории "Belorusija" лечебные процедуры и диетическое питание грамотно сочетаются с организованным досугом. Жизнь современного человека разнообразна и многогранна во всех проявлениях. От того, как отдыхает человек, во многом зависит его самочувствие, здоровье. Всем известно, что позитивное настроение и творческая реализация способствуют оздоровлению организма. В санатории постоянно проводятся  профессиональные концерты творческих коллективов, караоке, танцевальные вечера, специальные тематические викторины, мастер-классы и турниры, позволяющие увлекательно разнообразить свой досуг. Вы сможете настроиться на позитивный лад, услышать любимую музыку и, конечно же, отвлечься от городской суеты. Афиша мероприятий известна на месяц вперед, что позволит Вам спланировать свой досуг заранее.


Our team of chefs was graced by chef Vitalijs Zajka, whose rich experience added individual touches to the gastronomic offers of the sanatorium "Belorusija".

Vitaly is a real fan of his business. He took a new approach to the traditions of European, Latvian and Belarusian cuisine. With him, a new summer menu appeared, in which he masterfully synthesized his experience and love for culinary experiments using modern equipment. If you have not yet had an opportunity to get acquainted with the delicious dishes from the chef Vitalijs, the restaurant of the sanatorium "Belorusija" invites you for a meal!



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Break away from everyday routine and plunge into a short, but such a pleasant vacation by choosing one of the weekend SPA programs from the sanatorium "Belorusija"!

And now it is also a very good deal! From July 6th to August 8th, the voucher price is reduced by 15%!

A pleasant rest and a useful stay in our sanatorium is guaranteed!



The swimming pool with mineral water in the sanatorium "Belorusija" is open to everyone, subject to certain mandatory rules.

Swimming pool visits by appointment only.

recording by phone. +371 66014140


Priecīgus Līgo un lustīgus Jāņus!


We are in a hurry to please you!

Now you can buy a gift card for the services of the sanatorium "Belorusija" through our website. A gift card is the perfect present for every taste, age and budget. Your offering will be a pleasant surprise for your loved ones, friends and relatives!

The best gift that can be is health!


The life of a modern person, with its rhythm and constant tension, dooms people to chronic stress. Add to this poor-quality nutrition and inactivity — you will get a bouquet of the reasons that lead to the development of various diseases. People try to treat these diseases with medication. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of allergies and pollution of the body. Therefore, the relevance of non-drug treatment methods seems quite understandable and reasonable. Among such methods, a special place is occupied by acupuncture, which has a very small list of contraindications.


In the sanatorium "Belorusija", nutrition is given great attention – after all, this is one of the most important stages of improving the body. If you want to form the habit of eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle for many years to come, our nutritionist will help you succeed in this.

We will prove that getting used to a healthy and delicious food is easy!


If your vacation is not planned for June, but the desire to start it is already there, the sanatorium Belorusija offers you one of the SPA programs with a 20% discount!

A pleasant recreation and a useful stay in our sanatorium are guaranteed!


Rest in the sanatorium “Belorusija” is pleasant and useful in any season of the year. But in summer, nature itself is conducive to relaxation. And if you are thinking whether it is worth going to the sanatorium “Belorusija” in the summer, then we have collected 8 good reasons for you.

The summer terrace of the restaurant

"Belorusija" has OPENED!

Healthy breakfasts, light afternoon snacks, nutritious lunches, cleansing day dinners, pastries and health drinks will be prepared for you by our chefs according to the recipes of Latvian, Belarusian or European cuisine.

All dishes are tested and approved by the nutrition specialists of the sanatorium "Belorusija".



-30off all weekend programs!

Have a good rest in our sanatorium all through

May – with benefits!




Do not miss the opportunity to book your treatment in JUNE at the price of MAY !


Ultrasound examination (sonography) in medicine is a multifunctional and excellent method by which the condition of the internal organs is determined (the exact size and structure of the tissue, location, as well as certain deviations of the organs from the norm). The popularity of this type of research is backed by its effective information content and full safety. The main advantage of ultrasound is the possibility of repeated examination in case of necessity.


Carboxytherapy (gas injections) is an innovative method of skin rejuvenation based on the properties of carbon dioxide. This is a dosed intradermal or subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) for therapeutic and preventive purposes. This procedure is also known as "gas punctures" or "gas injections".


Rehabilitation services in the sanatorium Belorusija!

The main mission of a rehabilitation specialist is to restore as completely as possible the functions of the body that have been disrupted as a result of an injury or a disease. The goal of rehabilitation is not only to return to a full course of life, but also to prevent the appearance of such problems in the future.


Dear Guests!

We invite you to a consultation with an endocrinologist.

Hormone metabolism is a mechanism that supports the normal functioning of the entire body. The functioning of bone and lipid tissue and of the cardiovascular system depends on it, it’s responsible for mental development and other important factors.


A web page of reviews and suggestions has been opened on the website of the sanatorium Belorusija. You can leave the feedback about the quality of work of our doctors and staff, as well as your wishes and suggestions for improving our work.


Healthy sleep is physiologically necessary for a person; it’s a very important condition for physical and mental health.

Sanatorium Belorusija offers a new campaign –


Proper sleep is a source of great mood and well-being.



Wellness weekend tour for two, to restore vitality, positive emotions, vigor and positive attitude!


Sanatorium "Belorusija" launches a campaign


Don't miss the opportunity to book

with a 15% discount!





-30 %



Sanatorium "Belorusija" congratulates You on the occasion of the coming International Women's Day – March the 8th – and, as a gift to you, we announce a holiday campaign!


Your sanatorium "Belorusija"

On Valentine's Day, we have prepared a very pleasant offer for You.


Good news!

Now a psychologist's consultation is available in our sanatorium!

Registration by phone +371 66 014 117


Relax profitably.

Your sanatorium "Belorusija"

Promotion "Guarded parking lot as a gift"

extended until the end of February!


Rehabilitation after COVID-19

The rehabilitation program after the coronavirus is focused in our sanatorium on maintaining the body tonus, strengthening the immune system and restoring the work of internal organs.

The program provides an individual approach to each of our guests, based on the results of clinical and laboratory indicators, consultations with specialists and diagnostics.


Sanatorium "Belorusija"has developed a new comprehensive medical program "STRONG IMMUNITY" for children

from 4 to 15 years.


On this bright holiday, we’d like you to see only positive in the world around you, to find the good in people, to give hope to your loved ones and make your dreams come true, to sincerely believe and never forget about simple human happiness...

Merry Christmas!

Sanatorium "Belorusija"


Happy New Year!

We wish that the coming year is a time of only good news, excellent herculean health and boundless happiness!

Happy New Year 2021!


Christmas is the brightest holiday of the year. Let it bring light and heartfelt warmth to your life.

Merry Christmas!

Sanatorium "Belorusija"


Retirees and people with disability from Latvia and the Republic of Belarus are offered a discount when buying a voucher:

- 10% (from January 1st to May 31st and from September 1st to December 31st);

- 5% (from June 1st to August 31st).

Discounts for retirees and group I, II, III disabled persons

We respect the elders and care for Your health!


Book earlier – pay less!


Early booking began campaign