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  • Swimming pool visits by appointment only.


Healing pool with mineral water

The special pride of our sanatorium is a 25-meter swimming pool, which is filled not with chlorinated, but with healing mineral water from a deep artesian well. What are the advantages of such a pool? Natural mineral water not only does not contain dangerous microorganisms, but also has a healing effect on humans. Magnesium improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system, calcium - bone tissue, and also protects against osteoporosis and other joint diseases. In addition, potassium normalizes blood pressure, iodine regulates metabolism, and bromine calms the nervous system.


Due to the activation of metabolic processes, cell renewal is accelerated, and harmful substances are removed from the body.

It is also important to remember that swimming contributes to the correct development of children, as it forms and strengthens the muscles, improves posture. And for adults, such physical activity in addition helps to successfully get rid of extra pounds, relieve muscle tension and everyday fatigue.

The temperature of mineral water supplied to the pool is maintained at the level of 29-30 ºC; water is constantly being renewed; has a minimum chlorination level of 0.1-0.3 mmol / l.

The swimming pool of the sanatorium is equipped with hydromassage systems. In addition to therapeutic swimming, aqua aerobics classes are conducted in the pool under the guidance of highly qualified exercise therapy physiotherapists.

Registration to the pool: +371 66014117; +371 66014140

Visiting Hours Everyday: 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m

The sanatorium offers both a one-time visit to the pool and the purchase of subscriptions.

The swimming pool of the sanatorium is not suitable for patients with disabilities.

The pool of the sanatorium is equipped with a Turkish bath, sauna and infrared cabin.

Things needed to visit the pool:


Bathing suit

/ Swimming trunks












Visiting Hours Everyday: 08:00  to 22:00
Information by phone. +371 66014117; +371 66014140



The main distinguishing feature of a Turkish bath is the maximum air humidity. The temperature in such conditions is felt much stronger than in a dry space. Therefore, it is maintained at 45–60 ° C.

Such a microclimate is useful and pleasant for humans, and at the same time does not have a dangerous stressful effect on the body.


In the sauna, a person can relax, thereby getting rid of the accumulated nervous and muscle tension. Tightened muscles in the shoulders, back and joints relax and the body is released from stiffness. A visit to the sauna is also recommended after physical exertion, as it promotes a faster removal of lactic acid from the body.

Traditional bath rituals increase the body's defenses, help to resist viruses and colds, which is especially important during periods of increased incidence of influenza. For those who have not managed to avoid colds, a visit to the bathhouse, its natural healing properties will help to cope with the disease faster. In addition, bath procedures increase the body's resistance to the effects of cold and strengthen the immune system.


Infrared cabin

Modern life is full of temptations in the form of junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. It is very important to regularly arrange fasting days, and not only for the gastrointestinal tract. Include a visit to an infrared cabin in your schedule to cleanse your body. Together with a reasonable diet, sports, recreation, this will definitely bear fruit!

The infrared sauna is a wellness spa treatment with a wide range of beneficial effects.

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